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Hajime no Ippo movie

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Hajime no Ippo - Mashiba vs Kimura Pictures, Images and Photos After intense battles, defeating Sendo, Makunouchi Ippo finally grasped the place as the Japanese Feather-Weight Champion. And so, Ippo changes from a "Challenger" to a "Champion", and the opponent of his first defence match is decided. The name of the challenger was Sanada Ikki. A fierce opponent who, aiming for a Dual Class Conquest, returned the title of Junior- Feather Class. Sanada has a different face as a Current Medical University Student, which enables the intimate understanding of the human body, of where a punch should land to deprive stamina and to down the opponent with consistent damage. Furthermore, he coolly analyses his condition from a medical perspective, based on his amount of perspiration, breathing rate and heart rate, and is thus a boxer with one of the most intelligent tactics. On the other hand, Ippo, in front of his first defence match, not only is nervous but suffers progressively from fear and anxiety as he hears more about his opponent. Hajime no Ippo movie champians road

Hajime no Ippo movie

Hajime no Ippo movie published on January 12, 2009  

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Hajime no Ippo movie

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